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Who We Are

This startup aims to be a pioneer in the field of Mental Health and E-Health, as we have now come to the point where the Internet can support secure online medical practices and high-level services. With this mentality and hard work, we have built the 1st as it is Platform for Mental Health Melapus.com. Why the name Melapus:

According to Herodotus in Greek mythology, the 1st Psychiatrist is considered to be Melampodas or Melampous (from the words in ancient Greek μελαν and πους which means black feet) who was a Greek fortune teller, the originator of a whole tribe of the Melampodes.

In his name, as a source of inspiration for his forefront, we grasped the idea for ​​the first platform for Mental Health, where only certified Mental Health scientists, in a fair and non-commercial way, can, by creating a sophisticated algorithm, be available to all citizens, or to book appointments for their doctors' offices, or to contact them online 24/7, covering all emergencies that may arise, since always a Mental health scientist is on duty.

In addition, the internet session allows people who are hesitant for personal reasons or who have geographic difficulties due to the lack of a Mental health scientist close to them, to have any Certified Doctor or Psychologist they want by reading their cv info’s, choosing who they are, how good they are, what they charge having a full picture of them before they booking a session tailored to his or her needs.

Respecting all peoples needs and by having the best Certified Mental health scientists on Melapus.com our goal is making possible with the easiest way to get in touch with each other, defeating serious cronic obstacles such as stigma, but mainly by improving mental health as a whole as well as the services provided by it.

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