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How does it work

Melapus.com is the first online platform dedicated to Mental Health.
The platform is designed to be simple and easy to use for everyone.

Melapus.com enables the users to contact and book an appointment with certified Psychiatrists & Psychologists 24/7.
Users can select the area and specialty they desire at the Search page and book an appointment without signing up. Moreover, they can select more filters based on age, gender and session costs in order to choose the one that meets their needs and preferences. Clicking on the “Book an Appointment” option anyone can see the available days and hours of the professional.
Sessions are divided into two categories: A. Session with a physical presence at the office / clinic of the professional. B. Online session via Melapus's video call application with the professional. You do not need to install additional program for the session. Necessary equipment: camera & microphone. -After the end of the session the user has the ability to evaluate the professional.
All Melapus professionals’ profiles show the cost of the session by clicking the “Book an Appointment” button. The cost depends exclusively on the specialist.
A. At sessions that take place at the office / clinic of the professional, the payment is agreed exclusively between the customer and the professional.
B. At online sessions, it is necessary to prepay via debit / credit card session or Viva Wallet option on the platform. Payment is made in a completely secure environment that protects the users’ personal information.
Personal information:
Melapus respects the anonymity and personal data of the user and therefore no personal information is requested during the platform browsing. If the user chooses to start a session, only the phone number and his / her email will be requested for security and contact reasons.

Important information about the online sessions:

- Necessary equipment for video call: desktop computer (recommended) or laptop or tablet, camera and microphone.
- The browsers supported by the platform are: Google Chrome (recommended) and Mozilla Firefox. - Updated programs and modern-day devices.
If you do not use any of the above programs, you can read here the instructions for downloading and installing "Google Chrome" (support.google.com/chrome/answer/95346) and depending your device to install it for free.
Before you start the video call, please check if:
1. You are connected to internet.
2. The computer’s / tablet’s camera is open and in the correct position.
3. Have given the necessary permission to your camera and microphone in order to be used.
4. Use one of the above browsers.
5. You are in a quiet place which provides proper lighting.

* It is important to create the appropriate environment for your online sessions. For example, we suggest that you use for the online sessions a desktop computer or laptop for the best possible interaction.

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